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How Can You Best Make Use Of Twitter?


Twitter is becoming more and more of a great marketing tool. Now is the time to start building your presence on Twitter and positioning yourself for all the opportunities yet to come. To help you get started on Twitter, here is another great resource you can benefit from.


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twitter logo map 09 (Photo credit: The Next Web)


There are a few important factors you must consider before starting your Twitter marketing campaign. You need to ask yourself two questions:
1. What do you want to accomplish? Set yourself a goal before you start a Twitter account. Know your niche and know what you want to provide them with. Will you alert them to great new products? Will you help them solve problems? Will you invite them to your newsletter? Will you answer their questions?
2. Are your customers on Twitter? If a large segment of your prospects and customers are on Twitter (and there are members of a large variety of niches using Twitter) then Twitter will give you a no-cost avenue for getting your message in front of your target prospects and existing customers.


Naming Your Twitter Account


When you are ready to open your business Twitter account (as opposed to your personal, chatting with friends account) take some time to consider your account username. Unless you have an established business name, try getting a username that matches your niche, as this will help others find your Twitter.


Tweeting For Presence


You’ll need to supply your followers with good, informative tweets. You need to establish yourself as someone who is worth following and – more importantly – someone worth listening to. By getting your followers listening to you, you’ll increase their response when you market to them.
Never overdo your promotional tweets. Instead, supply your followers with interesting or helpful niche-related tweets. Provide some fun, but related, tweets. Provide some news.
Provide some helpful information. Then, slip in the occasional promotion (something helpful or expected because of what you’ve already been tweeting).


Managing Your Twitter For Effective Marketing


To build your presence and ensure you are getting your message in front of your target market, you need to send out a good number of tweets at regular intervals during the day.
Remember, those who follow you see only glimpses of an everchanging stream of tweets – tweets from all the other Twitter users they are following.
Notice below, the most remarkable are the ones that tweet a few tweets in succession – keeping their face (or avatar) in front of Twitter followers.


Obviously, to keep constantly tweeting is not time efficient. You could easily lose a lot of productive time if you spent too much time on Twitter. The best strategy is to set up a system to automatically drip-feed a series of pre- written tweets.


Twitter Tree

Twitter Tree (Photo credit: pandemia)